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It’s no secret that recruiting talented and qualified employees in the Capital Region can be a challenge.  Having proper processes and methods to objectively assess candidates will improve your odds of selecting the best hire. Keep in mind that the work is not done once you find that perfect employee.  Studies show that your new employee will decide within the first few months if they are a fit for your business. With this in mind, it is critical that effective on-boarding process and retention strategies are in place.  

Capital HR Solutions partners with you to manage all or pieces of the recruitment cycle to ensure you are hiring employees of choice.   

  • Analyze and recommend improvements to your existing recruitment process and strategies.  
  • Create a recruitment plan to ensure the best approach is used to fill  each position within your organization.  
  • Facilitate the interview, selection and offer process resulting in employees that fit your company.  
  • Design an easy to use on-boarding program to effectively integrate new employees into your organization allowing them to meet performance expectations sooner.  
  • Develop retention strategies to reduce turnover and improve retention of top performers.


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